What React/Angular/Ember Devs Can Learn From Elm

Elm has slowly entering the front-end conscious the past year and it is for good reason: Elm is an excellent language and framework for the front end. However most can't introduce a new language to our stack and must continue working within the constraints of our current apps. Fret not! Despite not being able to switch languages we can adopt some of the techniques and ideals that make Elm such a wonderful development experience.


Using ES6 & React

You’ve likely have heard of React by now. It’s is a great way to build user interfaces; it promotes clean separation of components and reusable code; and, while it may wax verbose in terms of characters typed, it’s really simple to maintain once you have written it.

Brian Holt takes attendees from knowing nothing about React to writing React in its most novel format—using all of the ES6 features. Brian covers killer concepts like ES6 classes, arrow functions, let and const, and Promises—the new way of binding context in ES6. Brian also demonstrates Node.js server-side rendering of React (also know as universal rendering). You’ll discover exactly how React works by building several complete React components, including a small app. This workshop is equally appropriate for people with zero knowledge of React and people who have been writing React with the older, ES5-compatible syntax. No knowledge of ES6 is necessary.

Intended audience

This course is for intermediate JavaScript programmers:

  • front-end developers
  • back-end developers who want to understand about ES6 and React
  • code-savvy web designers


  • a good understanding of ES5 JavaScript
  • familiarity with working at a command line
  • Node.js installed before the course, version 4.2+ is preferred

What you’ll learn—and how you can apply it

By the end of this training class, you’ll understand:

  • what React is, its purpose, and why you may want to use it
  • how to bootstrap a new app and get React working for you
  • the complete lifecycle of a React component
  • some battle-won React best practices from using React code in production
  • the weird, cool, new JavaScript dialect called JSX

Moreover, you will have built several complete React components, including a small app.

Materials or downloads needed in advance

Please clone btholt/es6-react-pres, npm install the dependencies, and have Node.js 4.x+ installed


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