There will be three departure points. Please let us know which one you prefer.

The departures will be from:

  • Icelandair Hotel Marina — 8:00am
  • Harpa conference hall — 8:10am
  • 22 Hill Hotel — 8:15am

What to bring:

  • Warm clothes, you are going on a glacier. You will be provided with an overall, helmet, gloves and boots.
  • Sunglasses. If you don’t have a pair with you, we recommend going to Tiger at Laugavegur 13. You can get cheap sunglasses there for less then 10 euros/dollars.
  • A bottle of water.

Note that there are two on each snowmobile. The ride is 1 hour long. Arrival at the base camp on Langjökull Glacier is expected to be at noon. There you will put on the gear provided by the operator.

You will arrive back in Reykjavik half an hour before leaving for the Blue Lagoon, giving you enough time to go to your hotel and fetch your swim suit. You will be taking the second bus to the Blue Lagoon party.

Horses and Hot Spring

There will be two departure points, Icelandair hotel marina and Harpa conference hall. Please let us know which one you prefer. The departure is now at 8:30am.

What to bring:

  • Sturdy shoes, good sneakers or hiking boots that are not very broad.
  • Comfortable pants (riding pants are not necessary).
  • We recommend gloves and a thin hat under the helmet (“buff” or similar).
  • If you would like to bring small items such as a camera you should bring a small waist bag. Back packs cannot be taken on horseback.
  • A bottle of water.

We are also present at Harpa outside the main conference hall from 9am until 5pm.


When you booked your tour you had a choice of different departure times. We have decided, since you are 12 in total, to put you all together in one group on the same departure time as the other tours, at 8:30am. The departure is either from Icelandair hotel marina or Harpa conference hall. Please let us know which one you prefer.

Please provide us with your:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Shoe size

Also, let us know if you would prefer to snorkel in a wet suit. Bear in mind that the lake/fissure is 3°C.


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